ING Bank: Türkiye in a strong position to attract investments

Yeni Şafak - Türkiye’s successful tackling of the global financial crisis and rapid recovery continue to bring admiration and praise from the leading names of international finance. ING Bank’s Chief Economist Mark Cliffe said that the global financial crisis, stemming from the problems of the US housing market, had affected a number of countries since its outbreak three years ago. Stating that the crisis is not completely over but has relatively waned in effect, Cliffe said that “the crisis hit the banking and finance sectors first and then the national budgets” noting that Türkiye’s strong economy helped the country overcome the crisis.

“Türkiye’s position is strong and the country is very attractive in terms of foreign investments,” said ING’s chief economist. Talking about the country’s EU accession, Cliffe said that Türkiye’s economic growth and young population will contribute a great deal to the EU.
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