‘Turkish recipe’ key for Vodafone’s growth

Milliyet - British telecom company Vodafone places special emphasis on Türkiye, according to CEO Vittorio Colao, who coined the term “Turkish recipe” to define the company’s spectacular success in the country. Vodafone has thrived during the last three years in Türkiye, attaining the highest growth rates in the group’s entire European operations.

Recently in Türkiye to attend the 7th Investment Advisory Council held in Istanbul, the Vodafone executive praised Türkiye’s efforts to increase the level of competitiveness, setting the stage for even higher growth rates. Türkiye's economy grew by 9.2 percent in 2010, and 8.5 percent in 2011.

Vodafone is the second biggest direct investor in Türkiye, with the total value of investments reaching TRY 11 billion (approx. USD 6 billion). The carrier channeled the majority of its investments into improving its cellular network, which in turn perfected the customer experience, said Colao. “The increase in our profits hit record levels and the company raised its market share to 28 percent up from 18 percent. Vodafone Türkiye is one of the fastest growing country units in the entire Vodafone Group. I call this successful formula the ‘Turkish recipe’,” said Colao stated.

Vodafone Türkiye’s R&D lab Oksijen is developing software solutions for Vodafone’s global networks and the company has transferred 24 Turkish executives to positions abroad. This is a sign of Türkiye’s edge in quality manpower, the Vodafone executive added.
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