Toyota to reach full capacity production in Turkish plant

Sabah - Auto maker Toyota pins high hopes on its new C segment sedan planned to enter into production in its Turkish plant by 2013. The Japanese company currently runs its 150,000-vehicle/year capacity Adapazari, Sakarya factory at a reduced production rate but the new “C segment” sedan to replace the popular Corolla model will enable the plant to reach its peak output, according to Toyota Türkiye CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt.

“We expect the new C segment sedan to roll out in June, 2013. The Adapazari plant will reach its maximum capacity with the introduction of this model,” Bozkurt told the press, following a high-level visit by a Turkish delegation to Toyota’s main production plant in Nagoya, Japan. Türkiye’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergun paid a visit to Japan last week to meet with the executives and CEOs of the nation’s prominent companies to discuss Türkiye’s new incentive system and investment opportunities. Accompanied by the Toyota Türkiye CEO, Ergun suggested that Toyota produce a new vehicle model called “Sakaria”, named after the province that hosts the Toyota plant. The suggestion aroused interest among company executives, it has been reported.

The company will invest about EUR 150 million in the plant for the production of the C segment vehicle, creating 400 new jobs. The Adapazari plant in northwestern Türkiye currently produces the Verso family car and the Auris hatchback. Toyota Türkiye exports more than 90 percent of its production.
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