GE considering strategic investments in Türkiye

Hürriyet – Türkiye’s new incentive package geared towards drawing strategic and large-scale investments to the country is beginning to pay off as American industrial conglomerate General Electric (GE) signals new investments in Türkiye in a variety of fields.

GE’s President and CEO of the Middle East, North Africa & Türkiye region and country head Kursat Ozkan, laid out investment plans in a meeting with Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergun, last week that include investments in the energy, healthcare, aerospace and transportation sectors.

“GE is interested in increasing its investments in Türkiye and intends to focus on energy, locomotives, medical devices and aircraft engines”, Minister Ergun said about the meeting with GE executives. “Setting up a research and development center is also on the table”, he noted, adding that the new incentive package was instrumental in the company’s decision to increase its investments in Türkiye.

GE’s healthcare unit is headquartered in Türkiye and the company has operations in the energy, transportation, aerospace and banking sectors in the country.

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