Global Economic Symposium planned to take place in Türkiye

AA - This year's Global Economic Symposium (GES), held in Plön, Germany, has ended, but the next symposium is planned to take place in Istanbul. The Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said that the next GES is likely to be organized in Türkiye, thanks to his efforts. Simsek was the guest of honor at the two-day symposium. When compared to the Davos meetings, the GES does not have wide media coverage and is less commercial, but is more inquisitive and research oriented, Simsek stated. The GES aims to provide a new collaborative setting to analyze the world's most important economic problems, create shared visions of the future and formulate innovative strategies to achieve these visions. In particular, the GES seeks to initiate a strategic dialogue on global economic affairs for leading policy makers, business executives, academics and other representatives of civil communities. The GES provides a forum to think globally about global problems. Held annually, the GES aims to build communities to come up with practical solutions that contribute to the global public interest.