Turkey begins talks with EU to join Energy Community

AA - Turkey and the European Union have started negotiations for Turkey's accession to the Energy Community, said the European Commission. A Turkish delegation led by Yusuf Yazar, Deputy Undersecretary for Energy, met with a European Commission negotiating team headed by Fabrizio Barbaso, Deputy Director General for Energy, in Vienna. It was the first negotiating session in view of Turkey's accession to the Energy Community Treaty. According to sources, the first meeting focused on reforms made by the Turkish government on energy, especially in the electricity market. EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said, "Turkey is carrying out fundamental reforms in order to address its huge energy challenge. Turkey is well-prepared and has an important role to play in the Energy Community. I hope that the negotiations will proceed swiftly and could be concluded in the coming months." The European Commission noted that energy relations between Turkey and the EU have reached a milestone after the intergovernmental signing of the Nabucco deal in July and the launch of negotiations on Turkey's accession to the Energy Community. The European Energy Community aims to prepare necessary conditions for countries to enter the European energy market by adapting them to EU laws and regulations.