FDI inflow into Türkiye up 72 percent in January

Milliyet - One of the fasting growing economies in the world, Türkiye attracted USD 892 million of foreign direct investments (FDI) in the first month of 2012, according to the Ministry of Economy’s data. Marking an increase of 72 percent over the first month of 2011, the foreign capital channeled into Türkiye reached USD 742 million, while real estate purchases by foreigners contributed USD 150 million to the total.

Türkiye attracted USD 15.7 billion of foreign direct investment in 2011, up 72 percent from the previous year’s USD 8.9 billion. The country is soon to introduce a new investment incentive scheme, as well as to revise the law governing the property purchases by foreigners, and both moves are expected to boost foreign investor interest in the country.
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