Pfizer to manage 20 countries from its Türkiye office

Dünya - Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will run its Caucasus, Central Asian and Eastern European operations from its regional head office in Türkiye. According to a statement by the US-based company, the CauCar (Caucasus and the Central Asia) Regional Manager Berk Gurdogan’s area of responsibility is extended to cover 10 new countries in Eastern Europe. Following the appointment, Pfizer Türkiye will be managing a total of 20 countries including Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus. Gurdogan is the 35th Turkish national to take over a global managerial position in Pfizer.

In recent years, Türkiye has become a global and regional hub for major multinational companies in management, production, and distribution. In addition to Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Intel, Microsoft, BP, BSH and others also manage their regional operations from their Turkish units, employing Turkish executives.
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