Fiber producer Lenzing to invest in Türkiye

Hürriyet - Austrian chemicals producer Lenzing plans to invest heavily in Türkiye and has allocated the lion’s share of its investment budget to the country, according to the company’s Türkiye representative, Livio Danisi of Filofibra.

Encouraged by Türkiye’s new incentive package, Lenzing plans to allocate the majority of its investment budget of EUR 1.5 billion to Türkiye, said Filofibra CEO Livio Danisi. The fiber manufacturing company has reached a market share of 35 percent in Türkiye during the last two years and expects increases in both turnover and production. One of the largest producers of cellulose fibers, Lenzing supplies textiles made in Türkiye to global brands such as Marks & Spencer, IKEA, Maisonette, Mavi Jeans, H&M and Lacoste.
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