Italians choose Türkiye's Izmir for cruise ship tourism

Gunboyu - CarIo Marsili, Italian Ambassador to Ankara, said Izmir is a city that is closely monitored in Italy and that they promote the province at every turn. Marsili remarked that 52 of the 712 Italian companies operating in Türkiye are located in Izmir and its surrounding. Marsili stated that the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is due to go to Izmir during his scheduled visit to Türkiye in November. Marsili said he is closely monitoring the development of Izmir as regards cruise ship tourism, noting that he held talks with Pier Luigi Foschi, President of Italian Costa Crociere - the largest cruise chip operator in Europe- concerning the company’s proposed investment in Izmir. Marsili added that he is sure Marsili’s port project in Izmir will be very successful.