Italian manufacturer turns Manisa into export hub

Hurriyet Daily News - Indesit, a global producer and distributor of major domestic appliances, sees Turkey as a major hub for manufacture and exports, said the general manager of the company’s Turkey branch on Wednesday.

“Indesit has increased its export nearly tenfold in the last ten years, which underlines the importance of Turkey for Indesit,” said Indesit Turkey General Manager Andrea Ojetti at a press meeting in the western Turkish province of Manisa, where the Indesit plant is located.

“When we started up a production plant in Turkey it was only for manufacturing home appliances for the domestic market and, to a small degree, for exporting to a few Middle Eastern countries,” he said. “Now the plant exports more than 80 percent of its products to Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and the United States,” he said.

Evaluating Indesit Turkey’s performance in 2010, Ojetti said the company is delighted with the market and sales soared above their expectations.
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