Carbon fiber production in Türkiye to increase

Hurriyet Bursa - Aksa Akrilik Kimya, a Turkish manufacturer of acrylic-based textiles, has announced plans to increase its production capacity of carbon fiber. Aksa inaugurated Türkiye’s first carbon fiber production line in July with a USD 85 million investment. The company has decided to expand its production plant in Yalova, a former district of Istanbul but now a province, with an investment worth USD 65 million. The new investment covers the addition of a new 1,700 mt production line and a 300 mt increase in the capacity of the existing line. The new production line is scheduled to become operational by 2012.

Carbon fiber production is regarded as strategically important and is mainly used in the aerospace industry. Less than a dozen countries in the world have the capability to produce the material.
turkey; carbon fiber; aksa akrilik; yalova; aerospace industry