Indesit announces new investments in Türkiye

Posta - Italian white goods manufacturer Indesit is set to increase its market share in Türkiye by investing EUR 50 million in the country. The three-year investment plans include adding new production lines to the company’s freezer production facility in Manisa, as well as increased R&D expenditures.

Indesit Chairman Andrea Merloni, attending a distributor meeting in Antalya, said that Türkiye is integral to Indesit’s future plans with its stable economy, skilled work force and strategic location. “Indesit plans to expand its presence in Türkiye and up its market share,” said Merloni, speaking of the company’s plans regarding Türkiye. Employing some 1,100 people, Indesit commands a 10 percent share of the durable goods market in Türkiye, which it hopes to raise to 15 percent in the medium-term. The company’s production facility in Manisa has received a quality award in its third operational year and is regarded as a key export base.
Türkiye; manisa; indesit; white goods; durable goods; r&d investment; andrea merloni