Türkiye is a meeting point for foreign trade delegations

AA- Türkiye will host a number of trade delegations from various foreign countries until the end of 2009. Trade delegations comprising of companies from various countries such as the United States, Russia, Britain, France, India and Iraq will arrive in Türkiye for a program organized by the Turkish Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade. Within the scope of the program, representatives of the Turkish and foreign private sectors will hold talks and sign deals. As part of the program, delegations from Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Morocco, France, Britain, Israel, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan and Greece are expected to attend the Istanbul Fashion Days and Istanbul Fashion Show to be held in late-August. Azerbaijani, Georgian, Iranian, Russian and Ukrainian trade delegations will attend the Sodeks Trabzon 2009 Fair to be held in September. Companies from Germany, Algeria, Palestine, India and Russia will participate in the Zuchex Fair, while the US, German, Belgian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Iranian, British, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Saudi Arabian and Greek trade delegations will participate in the Packaging Fair to be held in October. Moreover, several other events will be held with the participation of numerous countries throughout November, said officials.