Türkiye shines in global health tourism

Yeni Safak - As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Türkiye is set to assume another leading role in a different kind of tourism. World-class healthcare institutions and affordable treatment options make the country a viable alternative for medical tourists from all over the world, according to international consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.

The tourism industry in general suffered a global setback in revenues due to the economic crisis, but some exceptional countries like Türkiye managed to keep the foreign visitor numbers at a steady level. Türkiye even recorded an increase in foreign visitors as dollar and euro gained on the national currency, lira. The country’s recent campaigns in promoting its countless attractions along with large-scale infrastructure and facility investments to extend the tourism season also helped health and medical tourism flourish in Türkiye, analysts state.

Türkiye’s thermal SPAs offer alternative treatments like thalassotherapy and balneotherapy in addition to their recreational use, the report stated, presenting Türkiye as a destination of choice for health tourists.
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