Franke Faber moves to Türkiye

Gozlem -Faber Franke Group, a world leader in chimney hood and aspirator production, recently opened its new factory in Manisa. With its existing factory in İstanbul, the company has decided to enlarge its investments in Türkiye by shutting down their facilities in China and opening new facilities in Manisa. Located in 42 countries, Faber Group today has an employment capacity of 3,000. The company in its new factory aims to increase its daily production, mounting 3,800 Chimney hoods and aspirators. Faber Türkiye exports 65 percent of its production to Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria and India. Faber Franke’s CEO Michel Piepper pointed out in the opening ceremony that considering the success and high quality production in Manisa, the Group decided to close their factory in China and focus on investment in Türkiye. Türkiye’s geographical location is indispensible for it serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia added the CEO. According to Piepper, Türkiye is a perfect example of modernism and democracy in the region. Fabio Ciucci, the General Manager of Faber Türkiye also explained the company’s vision: “Our vision is to become the leader in maintaining competition, quality and high production in the sector,” Ciucci stated that he is proud to be a part of such a successful team: “We shall continue to work to increase our production capacity until 2011. We believe that investing in our people is just as important as investing in high technology.” Today Faber Türkiye produces more than one million products per year and has the largest facility besides Italy. Since 2000, the company has been selling its products to worldwide brands with its investments worth 25 million YTL. Faber is the only company that has been able to exceed the total amount of chimney hood production in Türkiye, which is a total of 850,000 per year.