Statement on “New System of Incentives” by Minister Caglayan

Anatolian Agency – Minister of Industry and Trade Zafer Caglayan said that Türkiye would achieve a brand new incentive system to lead to a revolution in the Republican history. Minister Caglayan answered the questions of journalists in the reception held for the introduction of 77th Izmir International Fair. Upon a question on the 'Industry Strategy,' Minister Caglayan, reminding that the revision document for the industry strategy was prepared, said that the bureaucrats in the ministry negotiated with the Perennial Private Specialization Commission (DOIK) and he himself would negotiate with the bureaucrats in the following days. Reporting that they would shape the industry strategy as of the end of July by sending it first to DOIK and then to the Economic Coordination Board (EKK), Caglayan said: “Our efforts are in the way of forming the incentive system over the industry inventory and industry strategy.” Caglayan recorded that, within the context of this study, they reached many important discoveries from the profitability of companies on a scale base to their efficiency calculations on sector-specific and regional bases. Also giving information on the new incentive system, Minister Caglayan recorded that EKK, in which he also works, would form the new incentive system and both the EU and World Trade Organization rules would be taken into account while shaping the new incentive system to be formed in regional, sector-specific and project-specific bases.