Türkiye's star to shine in Europe with Levi's

​World News - Levi Strauss (Levi's), one of the world's leading jean brands, restructured its operations following irregularity claims against its management in Türkiye in the last quarter of 2007. The company, having separated Türkiye from the Singapore operation, established a new operation tying Russia and Middle Eastern countries to Türkiye. Levi's Europe Vice Chairman Haluk Aksoy, who was temporarily nominated head of Levi's Türkiye after the irregularity operation, leads the new organization that covers 26 countries and a population of 450 million. The company aims to turn Türkiye into Europe's star, Aksoy told the business daily Referans. Levi's decided to restructure its Corlu factory, which currently concentrates on sewing and washing. "We will shift the sewing to contract manufacturing and turn the factory into a washing and product development center to provide services to Europe. It will be a laboratory for us, because washing is the most important part of jeans construction," said Aksoy. The company invested $2 million in the factory for this project, Aksoy said, adding, "We will invest another $2 million to change the machines. The product development center will start operating in April 2008."