Volvo Group CEO Johansson: “For us Türkiye is already a member of EU”

Turkish Daily News - The world's leading car, truck and construction equipment manufacturing giant, the Volvo Group, has chosen Türkiye as its regional hub for future investments. The CEOs of the Volvo Group companies, such as Volvo Construction Equipment, Renault Trucks, Nissan Diesel, and Volvo Financial Services were all in Türkiye for talks in Istanbul and Ankara with businessmen and government officials. “We consider Türkiye as a center to distribute our products to the Middle East and the Caucasus. As a first step we have decided to establish an assembly factory for Renault Trucks,” Leif Johansson, president and the CEO of the Volvo Group, told the Turkish Daily News, in an exclusive interview. The trucks that are manufactured in factories in France and Spain are assembled in 11 different countries. Türkiye will be the 12th, according to Johansson. “For us Türkiye is already a member of the European Union. We do not pay very much attention to the discussion on whether Türkiye should be in or not. I believe that Türkiye will surely enter the club. What is important is the country's performance,” he said. “Speaking business-wise, we are very happy with our performance in Türkiye. We would like to make more investments in Türkiye,” he said. “Who could have thought 10 years ago that Türkiye would be one of the leading bus manufacturers and spare part suppliers? But Türkiye now is. And we, as the Volvo Group, are laying out our strategies toward Türkiye on this fact” Johansson stated.