Finance giants from Luxembourg may fund Turkish companies

Hurriyet Daily News - Encouraged by the booming economic growth of Türkiye and promising market dynamics, financial giants of Europe headquartered in Luxembourg are eyeing opportunities with Turkish companies by granting funding for joint investments, according to a top executive.

A trade mission from Luxembourg led by Prince Guillaume, a relative of Grand Duke of Luxembourg, visited Istanbul on Wednesday. “Turkish companies in search of funding should consider partnering with our financial institutions to benefit from cross-border finance opportunities,” Fernand Grulms, Chief Executive of Luxembourg for Finance, a public-private partnership agency, told the Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review on the sidelines of the meeting.

According to Grulms, financial institutions of Luxembourg could grant financial support for Turkish companies and entrepreneurs for investments in Turkish, Asian and the Middle Eastern markets. “Europe has had only little growth and if European financial institutions would like to continue growing, they have to do more business with countries like Türkiye that bridge Asia and Europe and present opportunities in the neighboring emerging economies,” he said.
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