Türkiye to become one of Microsoft’s top ten countries

Sabah - Steve Ballmer, CEO of the world’s largest software company Microsoft, announced the foundation of an ‘Innovation Center’ in Ankara. Ballmer stated, "Yes, we may be in an economic crisis; however, this crisis does not solely pertain to Türkiye. Within the next 5 to10 years, Türkiye will be one of the top countries where Microsoft intends to grow.” Ballmer, who arrived in Ankara for the inauguration of the new Innovation Center, emphasized that Türkiye stands to be one of the top ten countries for Microsoft in terms of business volume. Ballmer also expressed that Türkiye is in a strategic position and that as this is the fourth time he has visited Türkiye, he has been able to notice the advancements realized in Türkiye in terms of economy and technology. Ballmer noted that up until now, there have been more than 60 Innovation Centers established worldwide. Ballmer also went on to state that the center founded in Ankara, through a USD 10 million investment, will operate with 20 employees. “Türkiye, with its dynamic economy and technological tendencies coupled by the young population, has the potential for immense growth. With the correct strategy and education programs, Türkiye could become an important software and innovation center.” Ballmer also stated emphatically; “We will continue to systematically increase our investments in Türkiye.”