Eureko B.V.: Türkiye central to our future plans

Star - International insurance services group Eureko B.V. has made Türkiye central to its future plans. The Dutch company’s focus remains on Türkiye, and the country will be like a “second home” to Eureko, according to David Sanderse, Eureko’s Regional Director for Europe.

“Unlike the uncertainties we face in Greece and Russia, the Turkish market is ripe with opportunities for growth. We are intensifying our operations in Türkiye with long-term plans for the country,” said Sanders in an interview given to De Volkskrant daily. “Türkiye remains an insurance agent’s dream,” said Sanders, adding that Eureko’s Turkish division doubled its sales in 2009.

Further praising Türkiye, Sanders stated, “Türkiye also provides new lessons to Eureko with its dynamism and creativity”, in reference to Garanti Bank’s innovative sales channels comprising ATM machines and telephone marketing.

Eureko B.V. entered the Turkish market in 2007 by acquiring an 80 percent stake in Garanti Sigorta and has been in service since then under its own brand, Eureko Sigorta.
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