Türkiye’s Manavgat to sell water to Libya

Hurriyet Daily News – Following Prime Minister Erdogan’s successful visit, trade links between Libya and Türkiye are rapidly improving. The latest development in the booming bilateral relations came in the form of a water sales deal, which is aimed at transferring water from Türkiye’s southern province of Antalya to Libya across the Mediterranean Sea. Speaking to the Anatolian news agency, Fethi Yalcin, Managing Director of the Antalya Water and Drain Water Institution, said, although the USD 140 million Manavgat Drinking Water Supply Project was completed ten years ago, no developments regarding the export of the water are foreseen. “The project was only aiming to export water,” said Yalcin. “However, for ten years, facilities have stood idle. A communiqué issued by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) informed us that Libya is requesting water from Manavgat. We answered back, stating our willingness to comply.” Yalcin also noted that Libya has purchased tankers to transfer the Manavgat water. “We were told that Libya wants 250,000 mt of water per day. We are able to deliver such an amount.”