Türkiye to have its own internet search engine

AA - Turkish engineers are working to develop an internet search engine and aiming for a 2010 launch, said the Head of the country's telecommunications watchdog on Saturday. Tayfun Acarer, Chairman of Türkiye's Information Technologies and Communication Board (BTK), said all major search engines used worldwide are based abroad and that a local search engine will serve the needs of Turkish users better. Existing search engines cannot meet Türkiye's requirements and are not suitable for handling the country's sensitivities, said Acarer, also pointing out the problems that occur because Turkish letters do not exist in the English alphabet. He also said that another project, "the Anaposta", has been initiated under the search engine project. "Under this project, all of our 70 million citizens will be given an e-mail address with a quota of 10 gigabytes. Every child will have an e-mail address written on his/her identity card. The software infrastructure of the project has been completed and is now being tested", Acarer added.