Ford to export “Made in Türkiye” trucks to 65 countries

Star - Having forged a relationship with Ford’s Brazilian division regarding the manufacturing and R&D of heavy trucks, Türkiye’s Ford Otosan plans to export Ford Cargo model vehicles to 65 countries all over the world. Already an exporter of light commercial vehicles and Transit model vans, Ford Motor Company and Koc Holding JV now aims to grab a share of the heavy truck markets of countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia and North Africa.

“Ford was the first company to manufacture trucks in Türkiye,” said Ford Otosan’s General Manager Nuri Otay about the company’s first venture into heavy commercial vehicle production in 1960. Ford handed over its global truck business to Iveco in 1986 and is now seeking to re-enter the market through its subsidiaries in Türkiye and Brazil.

“The new Cargo model to be manufactured in Ford Otosan’s Inonu plant in Eskisehir will be marketed in 65 countries. According to the One Ford strategy, Ford’s Brazilian division will provide the R&D services needed for the new Ford Cargo model, while the Turkish side will undertake production,” said Otay. Ford has invested over USD 400 million in its Inonu plant, which began production in 1981. The investment in the production of the new truck at Ford Otosan’s Inonu plant will reach USD 75 million.
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