Breakthrough Ceremony for Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport Metro Project

​On May 10, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport Metro Project First Light Ceremony via video ​conference, where he also addressed the attendees.  

President Erdoğan pointed out the importance of the metro for transportation to the airport during his speech. “At the end of two years of construction period, today we see light entering the tunnel of the metro line. After this metro line is put into service, Istanbul Airport’s transportation problem will be completely solved,” he said. 

President Erdoğan added that he hopes the metro line can become fully operational earlier than the projected time once the railing, signalization, and other processes are complete.  

Image Taken During the Breakthrough Ceremony of Kagithane-Istanbul Airport Metro Project