British PM: Turkey-Britain to double trade


Sabah - The British Prime Minister David Cameron, currently on an official visit to Turkey, has praised the Turkish economy and its growth figures, calling for increased trade ties between the two countries. Cameron’s visit to Turkey is his second foreign tour after taking office, with the first being to the US. The British PM has expressed support for Turkey’s EU bid, and said the Turkish economy will surpass many of its peers by the year 2025. Cameron also set a target for the Turkey-Britain trade volume, which is currently around USD 9 billion, to double over the next five years.


“We urge British businessmen to be as ambitious as their Turkish counterparts”, said Cameron, adding that he wishes to see more British investments in Turkey, in addition to the globally renowned examples such as Vodafone, Tesco and HSBC. The British PM went on to say that Turkey’s importance to the EU is on par with the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries’ importance to the world.

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