Chinese Smartphone Producer Tecno Mobile to Invest in Türkiye

​​Tecno Mobile – a China-based smartphone manufacturer – has decided to allocate more than USD 25 million to produce its smartphones in Türkiye. 

In a statement released by the Chinese smartphone maker on January 19, Tecno Mobile revealed it was intent on establishing a factory in Istanbul with ambitions to utilize it a production hub from which to export its made-in-Türkiye products to the European market.

Positioning itself among the globally 10 largest smartphone-producing brands, Tecno Mobile entered the Turkish market at the end of 2020 where it debuted 3 smartphone models. With this investment decision, the company wishes to be a crucial actor both in the local market and in the European region. 

Tecno Mobile followed in the steps of its Chinese peers, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, which already have operations in Türkiye. 
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