DP World Yarimca Connects the Sea with the Silk Road

DP World Yarimca, one of Türkiye’s largest container terminals, joined the main international rail network and now serves as a link between China and Europe. Having started operations in Türkiye’s İzmit Bay in 2015, DP World Yarımca is now connected to the country’s railway network, enabling the terminal to integrate with anywhere that is within the reach of Türkiye as well as the Caspian Sea and China via the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway. 

The railway integration will expand DP World Yarımca’s footprint to various inland provinces including Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik, and Kütahya, allowing the terminal to ensure safe and economic transport of metals, minerals, ore, marble, and machinery to the port from where they will then be shipped worldwide. 

Speaking at the inauguration, the head of the Investment Office Arda Ermut highlighted the importance of this connection, as it would provide transportation facilities and linkages across the world. “With the commissioning of this railroad, we are offering Yarimca access to each single point in Türkiye where there is an available railroad network. Our primary objective is not only to boost port and railroad investments in Türkiye, but also to ensure that investors operating in Türkiye have easy access to every corner of our country and to the entire world. Our team at the Investment Office has always attached priority to such multi-faceted investments like DP World, and we will continue to do so,” said Ermut.​​

Image of Cargo Ship Anchored in the Port