Finch Capital Acquires Wirecard Türkiye

​Finch Capital, a Fintech-focused venture capital company with offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, announced plans to acquire Wirecard Türkiye.

The acquisition will take place through Nomu Pay, an entity bent on investments in payment assets.

In a press statement, Radboud Vlaar-Managing Partner of Finch Capital-explains, “We see tremendous growth opportunities to further enhance payments for Türkiye's 80 million inhabitants. We are excited to team up with Wirecard Türkiye and we continue to actively look for further M&A opportunities in the region to speed up its growth and development."

Subject to regulatory approvals, the deal is slated to be concluded in the third quarter of 2021.

Founded in 2008, Wirecard Türkiye started its operations the following year as the Türkiye's first direct carrier billing service provider. It offers payment services in three major categories: Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), Credit Card Acquiring and E-money. Currently, it has contracts with all three GSM operators and the majority of banks in Türkiye, and over 1,200 merchants.​

Finch Capital and Wirecard Logos