Hilton set to grow in Turkey


Hurriyet - Hilton International, celebrating its 55th year in Istanbul, is set to grow in Turkey, particularly by expanding its hotels to cities in Anatolia. One of the well-known brands in the global hotel business, the company plans to triple the number of hotels carrying its name.


Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertugrul Gunay, attending Hilton Istanbul’s 55th anniversary, said Turkey has become one of the leading countries in tourism and that the country expects some 30 million foreign visitors in 2010.


Speaking of Hilton’s planned investments in Turkey, Gunay said the company will continue to grow in Turkey. “Istanbul Hilton, opened 55 years ago, was one of Hilton’s first international investments. Afterwards, Hilton managed to become a global hotel chain, with ten hotels in Turkey. The company will increase the number of Hilton-branded hotels in Turkey to 30 in a five year period”, said Gunay.

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