Indian IT company Wipro to invest in Turkey


(Dunya / Star) - President Abdullah Gul’s visit to India affirmed the friendly relations between the two countries in the form of increasing business activities and rising bilateral investments. Mumbai-based Indian software company Wipro expressed its intention to invest in Turkey after its CEO Azim Premji held a meeting with the Turkish delegation. President Gul invited Premji to invest in Turkey and develop joint projects with Turkish companies. Wipro was also assured of ISPAT’s (Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey) support and assistance in its activities in Turkey.


President Gul spoke of the incentives provided by the new R&D Law and pointed out technoparks in different parts of Turkey as potential investment locations.


Premji, Chairman of Wipro, told President Gul that they want to invest in Turkey and that a delegation will soon visit the country to assess the investment opportunities. Wipro, the 2nd largest IT company in India, operates in the fields of software development, work process procurement, management consultancy and engineering support services. With annual revenue of USD 5 billion, Wipro employs some 102,000 people in 35 countries. The company is interested in building an information technologies center in Turkey.