Türkiye to be the world’s 13th largest economy in 2026


Hurriyet Daily News - Türkiye will be the world’s 13th largest economy in 2026, according to research conducted by the Anatolia News Agency (AA) citing data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Türkiye, which was ranked 17th in the globe for its gross domestic product back in 1985, will step up and rank 16th this year. The share of Türkiye in the global GDP was 1.03 percent in 1985, and this figure is expected to increase to 1.35 percent this year.


United States’ share in the world’s GDP is expected to be 19.60 percent this year, while China is predicted to have a 12.73 percent share and Japan is expected to have a 6.04 percent share in the global GDP this year, according to the IMF.


Based on the upward growth trend observed in IMF's 2010-2014 projection, Türkiye is expected to overtake countries like Italy, Spain and Canada with a 1.45 percent share in 2026.