Türkiye-Pakistan CEO Forum to focus on energy, mining and agriculture


Daily Times Pakistan - As part of the Pakistani government’s initiative to strengthen business to business and trade ties, the Pakistan-Turkish CEOs Forum will take place on March 31 with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the energy, agriculture and mining sectors.


Saleem H. Mandviwalla, Chairman of Pakistan’s investment authority, the Board of Investment (BoI),  held a joint press conference with the Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan, Babur Hizlan, concerning the upcoming forum, which is likely to be attended by the presidents of both countries. About 60 to 70 Turkish businessmen are scheduled to attend the forum. The forum has been organized by BoI and the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) as an opportunity to discuss business and trade opportunities.


The BoI Chairman said the aim of the forum is to explore methods of mutual economic cooperation and to provide businessmen from both countries with opportunities to utilize the economic potential of the historic friendly relations between Türkiye and Pakistan. Mandviwalla said three agreements in various sectors, including energy, mining and agriculture, are expected to be signed at the forum, in addition to a number of private business deals.

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