US company to set up Türkiye’s electric car charger network


Hurriyet - Türkiye’s influential position as a future production base for electric-powered vehicles continues to attract international investors. With car makers like Renault and Ford choosing their Turkish plants for the production of electric-powered cars, the “green” method of transportation is expected to play a vital role in the country’s automotive industry.


While the government is busy creating infrastructure and regulations for electric-powered vehicles, a US-based company is getting ready to establish Türkiye’s first charging station network.


Coulomb Technologies, the world leader in charging stations for electric-powered vehicles, has announced that they will establish 40,450 charging stations in Türkiye at an investment cost of EUR 243 million. Having chosen Istanbul as one of its four main centers of operation, Coulomb Technologies will be establishing its first charging stations later this year.

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