Turkey to become regional base for Fujitsu

Hurriyet - Fujitsu, a Japanese information technologies-based business solutions provider, has added Turkey as a production base for personal computers thanks to the country’s growing economy and high potential. Fujitsu, which produces computers in Japan and European countries, has positioned Turkey as its production base in the region. The company has been carrying out trial production in Turkey since 2008. Having produced 30,000 desktop computers last year in Turkey, the company is planning to produce 70,000 to 100,000 units in 2010 and to export to near countries. The company attaches importance to Turkey, the only country, apart from Germany, where the company has PC production, said Fujitsu’s Vice Chairman Satoru Hayashi, who came to the country to restructure the company and make an announcement on PC production. Commenting on the strategic importance of Turkey, Hayashi said, “Turkey is a candidate to become one of the most important economies of the future with its rich potential and dynamics. Considering this, Turkey is the only place, other than our own centers, where we produce PCs. We keep seeking opportunities in the region to expand our production line.” Noting that Fujitsu Turkey is attached to Fujitsu Europe in business operations, Hayashi said, “Apart from our own production centers in Japan and Europe, we do not produce in any other country. However, we began to produce our desktop computers in Turkey last year. Turkey has adapted rapidly to technology and the Internet with its developing economy and dynamic population. We appreciate that Turkey strives to meet the standards of the information age.”