WB raises Türkiye’s growth forecast to 6.1 percent

Star - The World Bank revised Türkiye’s 2011 GDP growth forecast to 6.1 percent up from 4.1 percent, reflecting the country’s rapid recovery from the effects of the global financial crisis.

While the estimated global GDP growth rate remains unchanged at 3.2 percent for 2012 and 2013, the Global Economic Prospects 2011 report foresees the Turkish economy to expand by 5.1 percent and 5.3 percent respectively for the same period.

The report underlines the fact that the effects of the global financial crisis no longer hamper growth rate for developing countries, as these countries lead the global economic growth with an average rate of 7.3 percent. Türkiye is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a rate of 8.9 percent by 2010 figures.
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