Clustering strategy to make Aegean Free Zone a center for the aircraft industry

Dunya –Aegean Free Zone (ESB), currently in cooperation with two giant aviation clusters in Northern and Southern Germany in a bid to become one of the most important centers of aircraft industry in Türkiye, has recently started to lure international investors. Uwe Gröning, Chairman of Hanse-Aerospace e.V in Northern Germany that has inked a cooperation deal with the Aegean Free Zone Development & Operating Co. (ESBAS) said three other German companies, including Hanse-Aerospace e.V, are eager to invest in the ESB. Having included clustering model in the incentive system, Türkiye considers Eskisehir, Ankara and Izmir as a hub for clustering in aviation. The ESB, where three foreign companies are engaged in manufacturing activities for aircraft companies such as Airbus and Boeing, aims to become a hub for aviation clustering in Izmir.