Vodafone Turkey sees higher revenues, increasing growth

Aksam - Vodafone Turkey, the Turkish branch of British mobile telecommunications provider Vodafone, has increased its sales revenue to TRY 957 million (approx. USD 604 million) in the last quarter of 2010. Corresponding to a 31.7 percent increase when compared with the previous year, the company’ exemplary growth made it the fastest growing unit in Vodafone’s European operations.

“Vodafone Turkey has managed to become both Vodafone Europe’s and Turkey’s fastest growing mobile operator,” the company’s chief executive Serpil Timuray told reporters in a press meeting. “Last year’s first three quarters show Vodafone Turkey’s record growth of 31.3 percent, 23.7 percent and 29.5 percent, respectively,” she said, adding that the 31.7 percent in the 4th quarter was historically high. “Vodafone Turkey has invested a total of TRY 10 billion in Turkey since its establishment and spent TRY 2.3 billion in its network infrastructure, including licensing fee, in the last three years alone,” said Timuray.
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