Türkiye accepts pre-qualifications for power tender

Reuters - Türkiye's Privatization Administration has announced that a total of 52 companies applied for pre-qualification for three separate electricity privatization tenders. The three grids being tendered were Coruh in northeast Türkiye, Osmangazi in northwestern Türkiye and Yesilirmak on the Black Sea. A consortium of D-TES Elektrik, Dogus Holding, Anadolu Endustri Holding, Dogan Holding's Dogan Enerji and Unit Investment applied for the Coruh and Yesilirmak distribution companies, said the Privatization Administration in a statement. Ak Enerji applied for all three tenders, while Zorlu Holding, which owns Zorlu Enerji, applied for pre-qualification in the Coruh and Osmangazi tenders, according to the statement. A total of 13 companies applied for pre-qualification for the Coruh electricity distribution grid tender. Meanwhile, the number of applications for the Osmangazi grid is 22, while 17 firms applied for the Yesilirmak grid.