All eyes on Türkiye's hybrid vehicle: Mindset

Sabah - For the first time ever, a Turkish automobile designer has created an environmentally friendly automobile, Mindset, for Türkiye. The project began in Türkiye after Murat Gunak and his Swiss partner Lorenzo Schmid were hosted by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who offered his support for the “green” car. Initially, a EUR 400-500 million investment is needed in order to go ahead with the project. An investor especially experienced in automobile manufacturing in Türkiye is needed for the project to be realized. In this regard, research was conducted in groups that had shown particular interest in the automotive sector, while the list was later narrowed down to four prospective investors. The list of names includes the Dogus Group which has already attempted to convince Volkswagen to invest in Türkiye. After leaving the VW Group Design Chairmanship, Gunak began working to create his own brand in Switzerland, while also looking for investors for the Mindset hybrid vehicle he had designed. Upon hearing about Gunak, the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT), the Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD) and the Turkish Exporter’s Union got in touch with Gunak. Prime Minister Erdogan, who was impressed with Gunak’s intention to manufacture this automobile design in his homeland, Türkiye, came out to show his support and got behind the wheel of the Mindset for a test drive. The project was kept confidential until recently and has now officially hit the headlines. Erdogan performed a test drive around the official residence and was impressed by the high technology of the hybrid vehicle, saying the engine was surprisingly quiet.